Amazingly, New Music Emerges!

13 Oct

At The Move to Amend Revival, April 2013

It’s been over a year and a half since we’ve heard from our time-travelin’ band of freedom fighters (and by “fighters,” we mean guerrilla musical theater performers)… And good gracious, doesn’t freedom need a little revivin’ right about now?! Indeed, me and the troupe have begun to feel, somewhat intensely, that familiar cry from planet Earth! And just as I was trying to decode the messages, to understand if it was time to return, to preach the Living Light of Freedom back into the world and uplift our brothers and sisters out of this electoral quagmire, Lo! and Behold! A concrete message was sent from none other than Jam Master Jocko, our old guru of sound and merriment! And what message is he sending? Well, it’s our last 2 studio cuts:

The D.F.R. Song

The Time is Now (first time available!)

(and here’s some old faves)

Move a Little (excerpts only, because it’s approximately 64 verses long)


Enjoy, Freedom Lovers!

From the Ether,
Ebenezer Abernathy


Back into the Ether (D.F.R. Mandala)

20 May


Catch the Revival! The Portal is Closing!

6 May

Lovers of liberty!
Agitators for freedom!
Dreamers for democracy!
Come one! Come all!

For four years, this troupe of time-travelin’ troubadours and troublemakers known as the Dr. Reverend Ebenezer Abernathy’s Mellifluously Melodious and Medicative Freedom Revival has been materializing in Syracuse & Greater Central New York — encouraging the good citizens here to stand up and to speak up in the name of the values we hold most dear. For four years, The DFR has been inviting people to relearn the art of conjuring. The conjuring of a collective dream. For four years we’ve asked our fellow citizens to consider how we can again come together to imagine the world — our world — where peace and freedom and justice reign supreme.

FrankencorpIt has been four years of singing and dancing and celebrating freedom together. Four years of making music and laughing and shouting together. Four years of listening to the people of the region testify to their hopes and their dreams for freedom.

But on May 9, 2015, — this very Saturday night! — the time portal will open again and the DFR will depart from this present moment in our history. We feel the portal’s great power and we know that it’s opening to take us away from here and to another period in the history of this great land — the land of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy; the land of the Onondaga Nation — where we will again materialize to preach the fire of the Eternal Book of Freedom. This is our call: in all histories, among all peoples, to be part of the great team of citizens who put their backs to the work of bending the long arm of the moral universe toward justice.

If you haven’t been to the Revival during these four years…

Well what are ya waitin’ for already?!?!

Come to the Revival! Come now. Get revived for the work ahead. Gain strength under the big top! Share your dreams with your neighbors and your friends and your family and, most importantly, with the people who live across whatever imaginary borders you’ve come to believe in!

Come soak up the energy of democracy, of citizenship, of peace, of freedom!

The portal is closing, my friends! Who knows when it will open here again?

Don’t wait! Come under the tent! Get Revived!  I promise you this:

It is and forever will be… Good for What Ails Ya!



The Portal Opens Again: February 5, 2015

9 Jan

Save the date, fellow agitators for freedom and democracyThe Wall!. The time portal opens again on Thursday, February 5th.

Dr. Reverend Ebenezer Abernathy and the Mellifluously Melodious and Medicative Freedom Revival of Syracuse and Central New York is scheduled to materialize from the mists of time at about 7pm at the Southwest Community Center, 401 South Ave, Syracuse… Suggested donation just $5!D.R.E.A.M.

Come for the fun!
Stay for the Freedom!

If ya ain’t heard it yet, my friends, let me tell ya:
The DFR is Good for What Ails Ya!

We ARE the Ones!

21 Nov

Come to the Revival on Thursday evening, December 11, 7:30pm, at the Southwest Community Center, 401 South Ave. in Syracuse, New York. Come hear the call to action — a call to take your place among the towering figures who have written the pages of Syracuse’s great book of Freedom, Justice, & Democracy!DFR DEC 11

We are already agitated and inspired by the promise of a guest sermon to be delivered by a group of university students who are even now boldly writing the next chapter of our proud legacy. They call themselves THE General Body and Dr. Rev. Abernathy and the DFR will be proud to share the tent with them!

Come find out what this has to do with democracy, what it has to do with access to quality education in Syracuse, and find out just what it has to do with YOU!!  

Discover why there’s no one to wait for.

Discover Why We Are — and Always Will Be — the Ones!


We’re Baaack! And Better Than Ever for What Ails Ya!

9 Sep

Join us!! Next Tuesday, September 16, at 7pm. It’s DFR’s open house, start-of-season pot-luck and information celebration. We have a lot of fun plans for season four, starting with learning a great new song: a classic DFR mash-up of old-timey Americana, a little Creedance, a dash of southern gospel, and (though I have no idea how it got in there) even a bit of musical theater! whipped dream greenIf you’re looking to find — or add to — your great community here in Syracuse, people who care about art and civic life and having fun, come check us out! We’ll tell you the company’s history, sing some songs for you, invite you to sing with us (and play if you have an instrument), and let you know what we’ve got planned between now and May. Even if you know you can’t join this fall, stop by anyway and say hi. We’d love to see you! (And bring a dish to pass if you’re so inclined!)

Season Three!

11 Oct
What Democracy and Community Can Feel Like!

What Democracy and Community Can Feel Like!